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Feel invited to the Museum of Amber in Stegna, which is the first privately-owned one in Poland.

The Museum houses intriguing exhibits of amber pieces and inclusions. They have been derived from a private collection put together by Wojciech Głodzik.

Wojciech Głodzik has been creating the collection for fifteen years, since the moment he started occupying himself with manufacturing of amber jewellery. The owner decided to make his items available to the public and accordingly placed them in a newly-erected building. It is a reconstruction of a traditional arcade house characteristic of the region of Żuławy. The style of the building is not accidental, since, apart from amber, regional architecture is an owner's abiding passion.

Visitors to the Museum can:
- see a collection of unique pieces of Baltic amber with insects and plants captured therein,
- have a look at a tree dripping with amber,
- discover a history of the lost "Amber Room",
- familiarize themselves with the beginnings of amber manufacturing,
- learn to distinguish between a piece of genuine amber and a fake one.

We will be pleased to welcome you there and answer any question about amber you may have. Information on location of the Museum, opening hours and admission prices is available here.

We also invite you to browse through our jewellery online at

Budynek Muzeum +48 55 2474209 ul. Gdańska 64, Stegna